PilieroMazza Welcomes Former Military Trial Judge Mark Rosenow to Its Litigation Team

PilieroMazza is pleased to announce the arrival of Mark Rosenow as Counsel in the Firm’s Litigation & Dispute Resolution Group . A former trial judge in the U.S. Air Force Trial Judiciary, Mark brings to PilieroMazza more than 15 years of legal practice and experience in complex civil and criminal litigation and high-risk investigations. Matt Feinberg , the Group’s Chair, said: “Mark’s diverse experiences give him the perspective to negotiate practical business solutions for clients to avoid costly disputes or litigate when necessary to defend a client’s bottom line. . . . Read More

8 Key Takeaways from DOJ’s Annual Report on Fraud and the False Claims Act

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times . . . .”  Charles Dickens’ famous line from A Tale of Two Cities may have been echoing in the ears of Department of Justice (DOJ) attorneys a bit over the last month.  On February 7, 2023, DOJ issued its annual report on fraud and False Claims Act (FCA) recoveries for fiscal year 2022. After the agency recovered over $5.6 Billion in fiscal year 2021, the annual report disclosed what . . . Read More

Disloyal Employees: Disgorgement Offers Employers Some Reprieve

In many states, employees owe a duty of loyalty to their employer as long as they remain on the employer’s payroll. In other words, employees must generally act in the best interests of their employer—and not solely for their own self-interest—throughout the course of their employment. This is particularly the case for employees serving in management- or supervisory-level roles or where the employee has access to the employer’s confidential information, trade secrets, or “secret sauce.” But what can an employer . . . Read More

Non-Compete Agreements: What Employers and Healthcare Providers Should Know

Non-compete clauses are a common component in employment agreements for many businesses and healthcare providers. Employers and healthcare providers, ranging from large public hospitals and Fortune 500 companies to small private practices and businesses, utilize non-compete clauses in their employment agreements to protect their businesses and medical practices by restricting their employees’ ability to work for a competing entity. This blog offers important considerations for employers and healthcare providers implementing non-compete agreements and clauses to protect their interests, ensure enforceability, . . . Read More